Information for parents

We offer genetic parents a wide selection of donor material and / or surrogate mothers, taking your wishes, medical indications and finances into account.

The agency helps each patient to choose a donor and / or surrogate mother and provides with all the necessary information about him / her, so that the client was confident in the correctness of the choice.


Egg Donation

Egg Donation enables women who cannot become mothers, using their own eggs, to bear and give birth to their own child. In such a situation, the desired pregnancy can be achieved with the help of an embryo created from the eggs of a female donor.

In Reprohelp donor base there are always egg donors (oocytes donors) of different types of appearance, blood type and Rh factor. You can get acquainted with it on our website or during a consultation with a specialist of our Agency.

The method is prescribed:

  • to women with early ovarian exhaustion due to menopause or those who undergone ovarian surgery.
  • to women who cannot conceive a child with their eggs.
  • to women who have had several unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • to women of older reproductive age.
  • to women with ovarian pathologies that make it impossible to get eggs from them.
  • in the case ofgenetic abnormalities.


Surrogate Motherhood

There are situations when carrying a child is impossible by his biological mother. In such cases, for future parents the only opportunity to have a long-awaited child is a surrogacy program.

Surrogacy &ndash a method of overcoming infertility, in which embryos of genetic parents obtained by using assisted reproductive technologies (in vitro fertilization — IVF) are transferred not to the biological mother, but to another woman who is not genetically and voluntarily associated with them, but agreed to help and bear the baby.

The question of finding a suitable surrogate mother is a very important and significant problem to overcome on the way to the desired pregnancy.

Our agency is fully responsible for the search, examination and legal support of the surrogacy program.

All of our surrogate mothers are fully examined and comply with the requirements of the №107н Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation order.

Agency specialists will make all the efforts and take your wishes into account so that our surrogate mothers deserved your trust and with all responsibility started to fulfill their important role of bearing and giving birth to your long-awaited child.